A2 Customs

Automotive & Building
Window Tint

Ann Arbor Area Premier Window Tint Shop

Rest assured at A2 Customs our expert installers will deliver only the highest quality level of tinting. Our experts can apply window tint to any vehicle as well as your home or business!

Less Sun, More Privacy & Aesthetics

From UV Rays

Protect your vehicle interior from harmful UV rays.

Increased Privacy & Security

Keep eyes off of the inside of your car, deter thieves from stealing out of a car they can’t see in.

Tint Your Vehicle, Home Or Business

Tinting isn’t just limited to your car with A2 Customs. We come to your home or business and apply tint, and even install custom graphics.

Why Choose Us?

Automotive Window Tint

Tint your car, truck, SUV or boat.

Tail/Head Light Tint

We can smoke your tail or head lights, while keeping a high gloss finish that still allows visibility of light.

Paint Protection

Protect your paint from rock chips, scratches and scuffs with our invisible paint protection wraps.

Tint Your Home Or Business

Protect wood flooring, prevent fading of furniture, save energy costs and increase privacy…All at once!

Protect Your Leather

Don’t let harmful UV rays fade and diminish your leather interior.

High Quality Install

We guarantee at A2 Customs that your tint will not peel, fade, or deteriorate in anyway. Our experienced installers ensure that your tint will be properly applied and installed using the highest quality brands such as 3M and Suntek.

Commercial & Residential
Window Tinting

There are many different reasons why people choose to apply window tint to their residential homes or commercial buildings. Privacy, security, increased aesthetics and lower cooling bills are all reasons you will benefit from having A2 Customs tint your home or commercial building. A2 Customs services Ann Arbor and surrounding areas using only the highest quality products and brands in the business. Contact us today for a free price estimate and to schedule service.